For when you want to impress others. And yourself.

The Scirocco is sportier, more dynamic and faster than ever before. Let it inspire you.

Equipment & Design

Every Volkswagen is characterised by high-quality equipment and clear design vocabulary. Numerous individualisation options also allow you to create your very own personal Scirocco. You will be amazed how much choice you have.

Front design If you like cars with real character, the front end design will completely win you over.

It will make you look twice – the Scirocco leaves a lasting impression with its eye-catching slender headlights and striking air intake grille.

Rear design Your Scirocco has tail lights with integrated magnetic effect.

You’ll find that people like to follow your Scirocco. And it’s no wonder – the twin tailpipe, impressive lights and beefy bumper make for an eye-catching rear.

Side design The Scirocco shows its best side.

See a true athlete at his best – the sight of the dynamic silhouette of the Scirocco is an emotive experience that promises unadulterated driving pleasure.

Headlights Xenon headlights give your Scirocco even more presence.

Improve your view and the look of your Scirocco with the optional xenon headlights to keep everything in sight, even in tricky weather conditions or on very twisty routes.

Range of wheels Looking good for you: the range of wheels for the Scirocco.

You aren’t the same as everyone else. And neither is your Scirocco. The comprehensive range of wheels lets you express your individual style.

Sports package Raise your game. With the optional sports package.

The optional sports package includes a range of striking interior and exterior features. The broad grin on your face comes free.


Whether you need to make a call while driving, require current traffic information, want to reach your destination using the navigation system or simply want to listen to your own music – your Scirocco offers various possibilities for using modern technology easily and in an uncomplicated way.

DYNAUDIO Excite Perfect sound every time.

Have you ever thought music could sound better in your car than it does from your audio system at home? The optional DYNAUDIO Excite sound system is specially designed for the acoustics of your car’s interior, delivering sound to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning audiophile.

Radio and navigation Isn’t it nice to pick your own co-driver?

In your Volkswagen, you decide what’s on. You can choose from two radios, each with matching speakers, intuitive controls and plenty of connection options. Alternatively, choose the navigation system with multimedia capabilities that leave nothing to be desired. You can choose your own company on every journey. Enjoy it.

Car-Net App-Connect Enjoy full connectivity on the go.

App Connect includes three innovative technological functions which you can use to display your smartphone apps on the touchscreen of your infotainment system: MirrorLink™, Android Auto™ from Google and Apple CarPlay™.

Driver Assistance

The intelligent driver assistance systems in your Scirocco ensure more driving comfort and can help you deal with critical situations very well or even avoid them. Even if you only notice this technology on rare occasions, it feels good to know that it is there.

Park Assist Trouble parking? Just leave it to your car.

Even if you’re one of those rare people who can manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces with complete ease while others watch on, you’ll still be enthralled by the optional Park Assist function. Park Assist doesn’t just identify suitable parking spaces; it even steers you into them.

Driver Alert System Don’t let fatigue catch you out.

The Driver Alert System comes as standard and never tires of keeping you alert. The system evaluates your driving behaviour and recommends that you take a break if your steering patterns are not consistent with a focussed driving style.

Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Traffic Alert Your car helps you change lanes and pull out into traffic.

The optional Blind Spot Monitor warns you, within system limits, about vehicles in your blind spot. Rear Traffic Alert monitors the sides of the vehicle and the rear of the car when you reverse out of a parking space.

Rear view camera system Because you don’t have eyes in the back of your head.

The optional rear view camera system enables you to detect obstacles behind the vehicle. A camera integrated into the rear of the vehicle transmits images to the Infotainment system screen. This makes parking considerably easier and allows you to detect obstacles better.


The modern engine technology in your Scirocco is characterised by economy, high torque and power. It is exactly right for you if you like driving and drive a lot, but still want to keep your consumption down.

Engines Excite Enjoy power with low fuel consumption.

Do you drive a lot and love driving, but want to keep your fuel consumption down? Our TSI petrol engines have been designed with optimum efficiency, drive and power in mind, and they comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard.

Dual clutch gearbox DSG No more gear changes, but no less fun.

The optional dual clutch gearbox DSG enables you to shift gears seamlessly without interrupting traction. It combines the benefits of manual and automatic gearboxes.

Coasting Disengage and save fuel.

Save up to half a litre of fuel per 100 km simply and comfortably by coasting with the optional dual clutch gearbox DSG.


Make yourself comfortable in your Scirocco. Its extensive basic equipment, the uncomplicated handling and many convenient extras ensure that you can enjoy every day with it in a very relaxed way.

Adaptive Chassis Control DCC The chassis selects the correct setting in every situation.

The optional Adaptive Chassis Control DCC always sets the damper up perfectly for the current driving situation and road conditions. You can choose between a sporty, comfortable or normal damping.

Cockpit A visibly sporty cockpit.

With chic leather, high-quality chrome features and helpful instrumentation, the cockpit of the Scirocco makes it easy to keep everything under control while driving.

Sports seats For ultimate stability.

Are you sitting comfortably? In the Scirocco, the answer is a resounding yes. The standard sports seats provide incredible stability, especially on twisty roads.

Climatronic air conditioning system Create an individual microclimate for your trip.

Too hot, too cold or somewhere in between? Finding the right temperature isn’t always simple, especially when there are several people in the car. The optional two-zone Climatronic air conditioning system consigns arguments to the past.

Dash panel Record your lap times like a pro.

The dash panel in your Scirocco makes it easy to keep an eye on all the important information. The extra circular instrumentation and instrument cluster with dial design only serve to highlight the sporty feel of the cockpit.
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